Our Story
We are a small family business and our goal is to offer tested, handmade products - made with bio-ingredients. It all started with the idea to make some soaps and creams for ourselves - based on our particular needs. We used to buy all these from the pharmacies and brand shops, or supermarkets - like everybody else. And every product has its recommendations accordingly.Nothing wrong with this, you may say. But every person has a unique kind of skin - even if it looks like the same - with different needs; and often - with dermatological issues, allergies etc. So what seems to work for one may well not work for another. Besides the comfort of knowing what exactly we're using on our skin is something exceptional. And that was the beginning. With the time we stopped buying cosmetic products from the shops and got more confident preparing all these at home.Then it became a passion which we're now pleased to share with you. Enjoy!
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