Moisturizing and soothing butter – packed with nourishing refined butters and oils, and Vitamin E.
Absorbs quickly and leaves your feet soft and silky smooth – hydrated and well taken care of.
Highly scented with Peppermint and Eucalyptus Globulus essential oils.
With proven therapeutic effect


Shea butter is a rich nut butter
containing natural antioxidants
and fatty acids. Boosts skin moisture.
With anti-inflammatory and
nourishing properties – this butter
could soothe various skin problems –
including healing sunburns, cuts and scrapes.
Mango butter contains vitamin A, an
antioxidant that stimulates the skin’s
natural renewal process. It encourages
the skin to produce new, healthy skin cells,
improves the skin’s texture and elasticity,
and protects the skin against damage caused
by UV radiation.
Sweet almond oil contains many nutrients
that are good for the skin, including vitamins,
minerals, fatty acids, and antioxidants. Using
almond oil may help soothe and hydrate your
skin. Some people also use almond oil to treat
skin conditions.
Vitamin E is a nutrient that helps
keep your skin feeling fresh and
healthy. As it’s also an antioxidant,
it helps protect the skin from
everyday stressors, like pollution.


You could use the Eucalyptus and Mint Foot Butter on clean, dry feet – any time.
Massage your feet until the butter is absorbed.


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