Our luxurious eye serum with vegetable collagen is especially formulated to target wrinkles/fine lines, leaving the eye area gently hydrated and rejuvenated; and visibly lifted.


Suitable for all skin types – including sensitive, irritated and very dry skin
Very light consistency – easy to apply
Packed with a cocktail of nourishing, hydrating and revitalizing natural ingredients
Secured pump cap – for easy access


Hyaluronic acid is a substance that
human body produces naturally.
Scientists have found hyaluronic acid
throughout the body, especially in
eyes, joints and skin.
It helps keep the skin hydrated and
flexible. Also proven to help wounds
heal faster and can reduce scarring.
Vegetable collagen is a new ingredient
derived from corn, soy and wheat proteins.
It is a vegan alternative to animal
collagen which has been used in skincare
for many years. Hydrates and prevents
trans-epidermal water loss.


An extract from the comfrey
plant – Allantoin removes
surface dead skin cells and
prevents dryness and irritation
to keep the skin moisturized
and looking plump.



D-panthenol, or pro-vitamin B5,
is an active ingredient with
exceptional moisturizing properties
that help to repair and protect the
skin’s barrier.
α-Bisabolol is one of the important
monocyclic sesquiterpenes, derived
naturally from essential oils of many
edible and ornamental plants.
Nutritional studies are indicative
of the health benefits of α-Bisabolol.
Numerous experimental studies
demonstrated pharmacological
properties of α-Bisabolol including
anticancer, antinociceptive,
neuroprotective, cardioprotective,
and antimicrobial.


Oat silk has antioxidant properties
that protect the skin from harmful
free radicals that lead to premature
aging. It contains a compound called
avenanthramides, which helps to
neutralize free radicals.
These compounds also improve skin
elasticity, firmness, and reduce the
appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Vegan, Cruelty free
30 ml
How to use
‎Morning and evening, apply a small amount to the entire eye contour, including the lid, then tap lightly into skin, moving from the inner to the outer corner.
‎If irritation occurs, discontinue use. If product gets into your eyes, rinse well with cool water until irritation subsides.


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